drewANDbarb is a collective effort; a unison of executive leather goods designed in-house and a collection of wearable vintage ornaments found in SHOP

drewANDbarb is quiet and luxe. Our designs have the artist(s) handprint. The leather and skin are sourced from local vendors, which can be imported from Italy and within the United States. All hides are hand selected to ensure uniqueness and high quality. The hides are colored in-house and constructed by leatherworker, Elizabeth Corin. The hardware for the leather constructs are custom made by skilled craftsmen. Our workroom is located in Silicon Valley 


The nature of the process embraces "irregularities", which are all intentional.  We offer limited edition lining on selected collections. Please inquire about our custom made leather goods by writing us via CONTACT


We have collaborated with friends in culinary arts and designers to create drewANDbarb presentations. Because of our kinetic wildness we encourage you to subscribe to our EMAIL LIST or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for upcoming presentations. @drewandbarb